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How Did It All Start?

Jessica has spent her childhood growing up in the Norfolk countryside around a range of different animals from dogs, chickens, ducks, horses and much more. 

Growing up Jessica found it difficult to find her place in life, being different from all the other children. After spending many years in and out of different disciplines of work, Jessica found herself feeling quite lost and without a purpose. 

6 years ago, Reggie entered Jessica’s life. Reggie was not the easiest of puppies, suffering from separation anxiety, frustration problems, chronic pulling on the lead and over-arousal problems. Jessica spent a long time educating herself on best practices for dog training, working alongside trainers and behaviourists to reduce Reggie’s training and behaviour issues. During the first year of Reggie’s life, Jessica was approached by members of the family and friends for help and advice on their dog’s behaviour. Jessica found her calling in life. After spending 2 years shadowing and then teaching classes for a dog school in Suffolk. In 2020 Jessica attended multiple extensive training sessions with the IMDT to become a qualified trainer (institute of modern dog training). In 2021 Jessica passed the IMDT assessment achieving a distinction in Level 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour, becoming a qualified trainer. Jessica has over 5 years of training experience and has been running PPDT for 2 years. 

Over the last 6 years Reggie has become an expert trick dog via do more with your dog, he learnt to bikejor, mantrail (human searching and rescue) and agility, hoopers and scentwork. Reggie loves his trick training and was not to keen on scent work. To improve Reggie focus and engagement and to reduce his frustration issues we worked together learning agility, over the years we competed in agility across the UK. In 2020, Reggie was sadly diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome, we retired from agility and looked for his next hobby. We worked towards learning hoopers. Jessica enjoyed the process of learning and the concepts of hoopers in March 2021, Jessica become a Level 1 Qualified and Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor. Since 2021, Reggie and Jessica have competed in hoopers across the UK.

During 2020-2023, Jessica also attended the University of East Anglia to study BSc Hons in Zoology, graduating in 2023 with a 2:1 grade. This course has helped Jessica understand animal science and evolution. The course has helped equip Jessica with the knowledge, of how and why animals have evolved in the way they have, how domestication occurs, a great understanding of animal behaviour and the evolution of behaviour, and how animals learn and communicate. The course has developed Jessica’s understanding of how animal exhibit behaviours, the hormone and emotional function behind them and much more. 

In 2022, we opened our own private 30m2 dog training venue situation in the beautiful countryside of Lyng. The venue is situated next to a beautiful pond and riding stables, providing natural distractions for you and your dogs to work through. The field is entirely secure and has dig-proof fencing. Real-life training venues can help you develop your training quicker and easier outside the home than indoor training as your dogs/puppies have been exposed to the natural distractions in class. 


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We Succeeded in The Mental Formation of Pets.


We Make Your Relationship With Your Pet Harmonious.


We Develop Your Pet's Intellectual Ability.


We Stimulate The Ability To Increase Your Pet's Potential In A Positive Direction.

Dog training can be overwhelming and emotional for dog owners. It can be difficult to understand why your dog is exhibiting a behaviour. Do not feel lost and overwhelmed, speak to our qualified trainer for advice and reassurance.

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