No More Pulling On The Lead

Say no to pulling on the lead workshop
Are you struggling with pulling on the lead? Not enjoying your dog walks due to puling? Do you want to walk your dog and not have your dog walk you?
Join us for our 1.5 hour long workshops dedicated to reducing pulling on the lead, increasing your dog’s focus and engagement.

  • Teach your dog to walk without pulling.
  • Using positive reinforcement to teach your dog where They need to be on a walk.
  • Multiple training methods to suit a variety of dogs and owners.
    Analysis of training rewards.
  • Small classes to ensure each dog and owner gets 121 support
  • Outdoor Venue – Natural Distractions.

Brave and Courageous Pooches

Do you have a young pup that needs socializing? These workshops aim to help owners build their young dogs confidence around different stimuli that your dog may experience over its life. Early exposure helps the puppy learn and develop confidence. There is a misconception when it comes to socialistion. It is lead to believe that you should introduce your puppy to everyone, every thing and every dog. This can actually teach your dog the wrong thing and lead to frustration later in life. If you teach your dog that they can greet every dog in the park at a young age this will develop into poor recall later in life. A lack of soclialisation can lead to problems, it can lead to a worries or anxious adult dog due to lack of general exposure. 

Socialisation is actually teaching your animals how to behave in a way that is acceptable to society.The workshop aims to help dog owners learn how to correctly socialise and build their dog’s confidence.

The workshop is not suitable for reactive dogs but can be booked on a 121 via email.



First Class Engagement

Are you struggling with lack of focus in the home or out on walks? Does your dog struggle with listening to you?


Join us for a 1-hour workshop to learn about how to increase your dogs focus onto you in the home and on a walk. This workshop will help you develop a fantastic tool box of dog training skill which you can implement at home and on walks to increase your dogs desire to be with you, increases yours dogs focus and engagement and gives you new tools to make your walks more fun and varied ensuring your canines needs are being met!


The First Class Engagement Workshops cover a range of behaviours and training exercises which will increase your dogs focus onto you. The workshops aims to improve on yours and your dogs bond and relationship, increasing their desire to be with you.


We will cover

  • Reinforcement types
  • Toy play
  • Creating proximity
  • Analysis of training rewards
  • Basic trick training
  • Focus and engagement.
  • Disengagement

Trick Training Workshops

Trick training is a great way to help occupy your dog’s mind while teaching them some unique behaviours.

Why do we train our dogs tricks?

– It is great mental and physical stimulation

– Tricks can help you increase your dog’s focus and engagement when out on walks which in turn improves your recall and loose lead walking

– Increase the bond between you and your dog

– Helps your dog with cognitive challenges and increases their thinking ability. 

– Fun and can be useful on hot or cold days to help stimulate your dogs brain.

– Increases your dog’s confidence around various situations and items

Trick training is suitable for puppies, young dog and older dogs. 

 During our trick workshops, we will build in new tricks using shaping, force-free and positive reinforcement training methods. The workshops will be up to 6 dogs. You will all work individually ensuring you receive 121 support during the session. if you have started working on some tricks we can develop these further building on the 3D’s

What Our Clients Say

Check out some of the amazing feedback we get from our clients

Jess is a very competent dog trainer. She teaches you how to gain and maintain the attention of your dog to enforce positive behaviour. Our dog made massive progress after puppy class.

Ulrike Behrendt

Jess is a brilliant trainer, she is so helpful with every query and question whether that was in class or a text message after hours. She made every lesson fun and engaging and my dog was always so happy to see her. I cannot recommend Jess highly enough - her dedication and passion for these pups shows and I just think she’s fantastic at what she does. Thank you for everything Jess

Emily Girling

Had a fantastic time at our first Hoopers workshop. Jess was very clear with her instructions, and really helpful with noticing the small adjustments needed. Jess made the whole experience fun and informative. Buddy really enjoyed himself and so did I. Cannot wait for the next workshop. Many thanks Jess

Tracy Wyatt

I have just had our second 1-2-1 training session with our 1 year old spaniel. Jess recognises his “spaniel instincts” and tailors the training techniques for the best outcome. We are working on lead pulling, recall and engagement and I can’t believe the difference in just 2 sessions! If you’re looking for a kind and knowledgeable trainer I would highly recommend Jess!

Lisa Thompson

I really enjoyed our training sessions with Jess - sometimes it can be hard to find dog trainers who are good with dogs and humans but Jess definitely ticks both boxes! Her teaching was always clear and straightforward to replicate and she was always more than happy to take extra time to go over anything we were struggling with. I look forward to learning from her again!

Kiren Louise

Dog training can be overwhelming and emotional for dog owners. It can be difficult to understand why your dog is exhibiting a behaviour. Do not feel lost and overwhelmed, speak to our qualified trainer for advice and reassurance.

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