Group Classes

Pawfect Pup Academy Group Class

Reduces problematic behaviours from developing.

Training from a young age helps develop a well-rounded, happy, and healthy adult dog.

The classes aims to support you and your dogs journey with training building on your dogs basic life skills. The training methods used are positive reinforcement. These methods are scientifically proven to work and promote confidence in your dog.

Our Pawfect Pups academy classes cover a range of foundational behaviours and valuable life skills. The classes are held in an outside secure training paddock surrounded by natural distractions. We are situated in the countryside village of Lyng. The classes are small with a max of 4-6 dogs. This ensures all clients and dogs receive 121 time with the trainer to progress your training forward. 

Training your dogs helps them understand how they need to behave in the human world. Yes, dogs were domesticated many years ago but do not come preloaded with behaviours, its down to use humans to teach them the correct way to behave in public, i.e not jumping up and greeting strangers, reduce pulling on the lead, come when called and much more!

During the class, you will be provided with step by step instructions on how to train a behaviour. Weekly homework criteria are given, a WhatsApp group is provided for support and homework video feedback critique. 

All members of the family are welcome in our classes. All children under 18 years of age must be supervised at all times by an adult.

During the 6 week course, we will cover. If you already have some of these skill, don’t worry, we will work through the 3D’s (duration, distance and distraction) and proofing behaviours. Just because your dog can sit in the house doesn’t mean they can maintain a sit for 30 seconds in a busy town!


What's Included?

The Pawfect Pup Academy Class is suitable for puppies over 12 weeks (fully vaccinated) and young dogs struggling with basic training. The class helps set owners up with foundation life skills. Life skills and training helps develop a happy, healthy confident dog. Our training classes are in an outdoor paddock which helps owners learn how to work through natural distractions that they will face on a daily basis when out walking and training their dogs. We set up the exercises to ensure the owners and dogs are successful in achieving the criteria. Our classes are fun, ensuring that the dogs and owners have the best time and achieve their individual training goals!

All members of the family are welcome in the class, all children under 18 must be supervised by an adult. 

Week 1 – Socialisation, Confidence Building and Calmness/Settling

Week 2 – Reinforcement Types, Calmness and Settling, Focus and Engagement, Safe Play and Reducing Play Biting and Mouthing

Week 3 – Focus and Engagement and Loose Lead Walking (Reducing Pulling on the Lead)

Week 4 – Focus and Engagement and Recall (Coming back when Called) 

Week 5 – Safe Play with Owners and Other Dogs and Vet Inspections 

Week 6 – Self-Control and Impulse Control (Jumping up) and Basic Position (Sit and Down), Safe Play.

During the class you will be working towards your IMDT Puppy Partnership Grade – you will aim to achieve specific criteria, this is an awesome way of tracking yours and your dogs training progress!

The IMDT partnership grades are an alternative to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, where you work toward specific criteria building on your foundation skills and moving towards more advanced training. 

All puppies must be over the age of 12 weeks and fully vaccinated.

Class is open to all ages and breeds.

You must bring to class:

A Bed or Blanket for your dog

High Value treats and Treat Pouch

Water and Water Bowl

Lead, Collar, Harness 

Long Line – 10 Meters

2 Of Your Dog’s Favourite Toys

Your dogs will have their own workstations. 

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Dereham Vets Puppy Class

This puppy class is bookable for puppies under 16 weeks and/or puppies which have had their first vaccination

This 5-week class is taking place at Dereham Vets at 7pm – 8pm

The class runs every month – To find out more or to secure your space, please complete the below contact form and you will be sent the booking link for the class 

During the class, we will be covering several training exercises and building great life skills from a young age.

Over the 5-week’s we will cover:

  • Calmness and settle work
  • Enrichment and mental stimulation
  • Confidence building
  • Correct puppy socialisation – What to do and what not to do
  • Veterinary procedures and cooperative care
  • Grooming

Puppy classes within a veterinary practice from a young age can help your puppy develop a great association with the veterinary practice.

The puppy classes within Dereham Vets are a fantastic way of helping set your puppy up for success in adult life. Starting training before your puppy can leave the home is crucial to helping them become confident and happy as they develop. We will cover exercises you can practice at home to help mentally stimulate your puppy and ensure they are relaxed and rested.

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What Our Clients Say

Check out some of the amazing feedback we get from our clients

Jess is a very competent dog trainer. She teaches you how to gain and maintain the attention of your dog to enforce positive behaviour. Our dog made massive progress after puppy class.

Ulrike Behrendt

Jess is a brilliant trainer, she is so helpful with every query and question whether that was in class or a text message after hours. She made every lesson fun and engaging and my dog was always so happy to see her. I cannot recommend Jess highly enough - her dedication and passion for these pups shows and I just think she’s fantastic at what she does. Thank you for everything Jess

Emily Girling

Had a fantastic time at our first Hoopers workshop. Jess was very clear with her instructions, and really helpful with noticing the small adjustments needed. Jess made the whole experience fun and informative. Buddy really enjoyed himself and so did I. Cannot wait for the next workshop. Many thanks Jess

Tracy Wyatt

I have just had our second 1-2-1 training session with our 1 year old spaniel. Jess recognises his “spaniel instincts” and tailors the training techniques for the best outcome. We are working on lead pulling, recall and engagement and I can’t believe the difference in just 2 sessions! If you’re looking for a kind and knowledgeable trainer I would highly recommend Jess!

Lisa Thompson

I really enjoyed our training sessions with Jess - sometimes it can be hard to find dog trainers who are good with dogs and humans but Jess definitely ticks both boxes! Her teaching was always clear and straightforward to replicate and she was always more than happy to take extra time to go over anything we were struggling with. I look forward to learning from her again!

Kiren Louise

Dog training can be overwhelming and emotional for dog owners. It can be difficult to understand why your dog is exhibiting a behaviour. Do not feel lost and overwhelmed, speak to our qualified trainer for advice and reassurance.

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